Sunday, October 24, 2010

Exposed my way

I have been reading all these exposed blogs and at first I thought," I can't do this". How can I put this body out there for the world to see? It's now been about 2 weeks and I realized that I can't move on if I don't come to terms with my body.


I started on Sept 8th, 2010 at 260.4. As of Oct 18th,2010 I weight 252.4. This is now. This will no longer be me-- Thank Tara for helping me see it this way). I was inspired by Tara to expose myself. I don't even show these type of pictures to my bf, they are usually strategically taken so my best angle is captured.

This is my body.

 It's not very fast right now but it will be.

I love my legs that look muscular even though they aren't.
I love that my butt is starting to not look like a flat board - thanks to exercise.
I love my arms that wrap around the people I love.
I love my belly for sticking with me through all the yo-yo diets.
I love my hands for making healthy meals for me to eat.

My biggest fear with this (weight loss,exposing myself) is that I am ashamed of what I've done to my body. I don't want people to look and say, Eww why did she do that? Yes, I'm naked. But guess what, I love my body right now.It's going through so many changes. I have to embrace my body and know that I was at the gym at 1am last night because I promised myself I would work out at least 5 times this week. Body, I am trying to make you better. I've abused you for 26 years and I think it's about time you are fit. I'm not showing too much in my naked picture-- my belly covers my privates :) I will be amazed the day I can stand in front of the mirror and say "hey there you are". This was hard. I can't tell you all how good it feels though. I feel FREED.

Thank you to all my friends that have been supportive & all my new friends on twitter. You are my inspiration. Check out Mish is the lovely lady that started the exposed movement. Thank you Mish.


  1. You are amazing Paula! This is not an easy journey, but we are surrounded by people who luv to cheer us on! You go girl! :)

  2. This an amazing post! WOW! Thank you for sharing! I just may give thought and consideration to "exposing myself"! Proud of you :)

  3. 1. You are beautiful no matter what you see in the mirror looking back at you.

    2. You are brave beyond words even if you were scared to push the publish button.

    3. Always remember that this is what you look like today but it is not what you will look like tomorrow.

    4. Some of us have stood right where you are today. We have crossed over the proverbial "finish line" and are waiting for you to join us. Take your time, we'll always be here.

    5. The work and choices you put into your life changing journey will reward you a thousand fold when others begin to move forward because of what you offer.


  4. Oh and some day you're going to do that same pose in picture number three and you're going to have to wear underwear cause your tummy won't cover your girl parts anymore!!!!

    That's what happened to me and I was so damn excited!!!

  5. Thank you SO much for joining, what a powerful post. I know that losing weight and digging through all the mental stuff associated with it is hard work. But good on you for doing it. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!!!

  6. Thank you. It means a lot to me to have your support